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WILIM Media House is a full-service video and photography production company. We collaborate with brands and agencies to produce work that is memorable, artful and resonates with viewers. Whether it’s a broadcast commercial, a social campaign or a table-top product shoot, we take it from concept to screen. 


Our nimble and creative approach makes us the ideal partner for any project, scaling up or down to suit any concept and budget. Our team has a wide range of experience to support on all video and photography across Canada & the U.S., specializing in multi-city productions. Based in Toronto, we have access to top-tier talent, crew and locations *not to mention the added benefit of the Canadian exchange rate


Video & Photography Production

We'll take you from concept to hard drives, and everything in between.

Budget Management • Staffing • Location Scouting, Booking + Permitting • Casting + Usage • Wardrobe • Set Design + Build • Food Styling • Travel, Work Visas & Permits

Production Consulting

When you're ready to commit to a producer but not the full production.

Day-to-Day Communication • Scheduling • Deck Building + Presentations • Estimate Building • Union + Non-Union Talent Management


Working with Agencies

Have the client, the concept but need the production partner to take it to set? We’re a collaborative bunch ready to take the production logistics off your hands. With a wide network of talented freelance directors & crew, we can scale up and down to suit any concept and budget. We’re also director agnostic, so we can present you a fabulous list to consider or just as happily work with a pre-selected director of your choice. 

Working with Brands

Have a killer marketing team with an already baked concept? Need to impress with a sizzle reel for an upcoming conference? We’re here to help your creative vision come to life. Whether it’s a full-fledged commercial, in-house interviews with your team, an educational series, social campaign, or anything in between – we’ve got you covered. 

Working with Cross-Border Productions

Have you seen the Canadian exchange rate? There are some great benefits to filming in Canada and we’d love to tell you all about them. We’re also set up to work in the United States to support on both sides of the border.

Lastly, because you're already singing it in your head, have a listen to This is How We Do It by Montell Jordan.

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